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Does CBD Come In JUUL Pods?

Does CBD Come In JUUL Pods?

CBD product is undoubtedly popular in the countries where it is totally legal to use it. It comes in different forms like CBD oils, CBD suppositories, CBD topical, capsules, creams and many more. The wide array of CBD products is due to the fact that there are many people are using it mainly for medical purposes and secondly for recreational uses.

But it is a question by many if CBD also comes in JUUL pods?
Yes it is. But what are CBD JUUL pods? Juul pod a similar to e-cigarettes that resembles to USB flash drive. It is a very portable device designed with the same purpose as cigarettes. The Juul is composed of two parts, the device on the bottom which contains the battery and temperature regulation system and the e-liquid cartridge on top. The cartridge serves as the mouthpiece.

Juul device is rechargeable and comes with USB charger which can be charged in laptops or power banks.

Juul pods may be similar with e-cigarette but the two have set of differences.

  1. Juul pods are not like vapes or e-cigarette that sometimes creates or develops combustion and overheating that normally results to burning or explosion. On the other hand, a JUUL pod has a temperature regulation technology that prevents such problems.
  • E-cigarettes contain lots of nicotine which is highly addictive substance. The Juul pod contains the same nicotine however it has a closed system which means user will not be allow or could refill the e-liquid which others normally do with vape pens. In this case, Juul pods, control the nicotine intake of one person.
  • Juul pod is way cheaper than a pack of cigarettes or a one set device vape pen.
  • Juul is astonishingly discreet since it is very compact and portable.

With all the reasons mentioned above, CBD pod system is undeniably becoming popular and sought out product of CBD. Vape companies are mimicking and adapting Juul’s discreet hardware design in their product lines.

Juul is becoming more popular and well-liked because of its discreet features, very portable and handy and easy to use. It also comes with different flavours that give the user a wide array of choices. CBD in Juuls has the same effect with vaporizing. Once it enters the lung, it is distributed through the bloodstream that runs all over the body and helps whatever the medical problem or pain that the patient is suffering of.